Delivery return

Delivery return

Lastenlife offers free delivery for orders worth more than 49 euros, which are delivered as a registered mail or as a postal package to a Post office.

Orders are delivered to the customer via Postnord.

Delivery to your property - Postnord
Packages that weigh more than 30 kg or have a circumference of more than 200 cm cannot be delivered to the pick-up point, but will be delivered directly to your home for delivery costs of €24.9-€69. The package is delivered to the border of your plot if you live in a detached house and to your front door if you live in an apartment building. Large packages are delivered by Postnord, who will contact the recipient to agree on a suitable delivery time. The package is delivered during the day.

If the product is damaged or lost during transport from us to the customer, we are responsible for it. However, Lastenlife is not responsible for orders that are delivered as registered mail to the mailbox, because you, as a customer, have chosen the delivery method yourself.

When returning the product, you as a customer are responsible for ensuring that the return is made in accordance with our return instructions and that it is not damaged before you have given it to the transport company for delivery. Lastenlife is not responsible for products for which a receipt from the post office has not been requested for return.

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