Decorating a nursery among the clouds


Imagine playing or waking up among the clouds – sounds fun doesn’t it?In this blog post we’ll give you tips on how to decorate a happy clouds-inspired nursery for your child. Decorating a nursery with clouds can be a fun way to create a dreamy atmosphere for your little one. Whether you go all out with cloud-themed decorations or, simply add a few cloud-shaped decor items, incorporating clouds into the room can create a soothing and calming environment for your child. /  5 tips for creating a cloud-themed nursery Bedding: Cloud-themed bedding is a great and easy way to incorporate the cloud theme. And how fun...

Entertainment on the go


donebydeerLeaving home with a baby can be quite an adventure. Bags are packed with diapers, burp cloths, changing mat, pacifiers, blanket, food, and all the other necessary baby stuff. But hold on a minute! Don’t forget the entertainment.     Activity pram toys can be an essential part of a trip, because who wouldn’t want to bring a Deer friend when going places?     A friend to go, a cute musical toy, or a funny attachable mirror. Done by Deer offers many activity options for your baby. With an aim to create toys that are stimulating for the tiny ones, but lovable by all ages,...

Valitse Oikea Sänky!


Valitse Oikea Sänky!

Vinkkejä oikean lasten sängyn löytämiseen Riippumatta siitä, minkä ikäinen lapsesi on, on tärkeää, että hän saa...

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